Target systems

All target systems including production targets were developed and bulit by the in-house research groups.


Review of the developed and currently used targets:


Solid state internal tangential targets I, angle 1°- 1.5°

  • exchangeable tangential glancing angle target mounted on the top of the integral measuring probe
  • incident beam energy range (dE = 1 - 4MeV)
  • remote control of radial resp. vertical positions and azimuthal angle
  • maximum beam power dissipation ~ 3kW
  • minimum water cooling flow ~ 4l/min.
  • beam homogeneity monitoring:
    1. reflected beam measurement
    2. secondary electron measurement






Upgraded solid state internal tangential target II, angle 1°-1.5°



Solid state external tangential target, angle 10°



Solid state external perpendicular (90°) target




Liquid external target


Volume 2,5 ml




Positions of the targets on the cyclotron beam line system