The main upgrades of the cyclotron U-120M


  • Isochronous cyclotron U-120M was designed and completed in the „LJaP “ division of JINR in 1977

  • physical design and realization of the beam line system, beam extraction by means of electrostatic deflectors (new design of quadrupoles, magnet monochromator, bending magnets OM1, OM2), 1980–1982

  • axial injection system, 1990–1994

  • project of acceleration of negative ions, 1992–1996

  • new control system (LAN, Novell Netware 3.12, ISOLDE), 1995–1996

  • mathematical model of the cyclotron, beam dynamic simulation, continuous development

  • new cooling system, 2002

  • floods in 2002

  • central LN2 distribution, 2006

  • new dee with holes for evacuation