H-/D- project

H-/D- project


Cyclotron conversion into H−, D− accelerator


  • high intensive internal beam currents of p+, D+



  • low extraction efficiency of the 4-section deflection electrostatic system (max. 35%, max. external currents ~ 5µA)



  • high intensive external p+, D+ beams (tens of µA)
  • possibility of external targets installation (fast neutron generation, liquid and gaseous targets for radioisotopes production)



  • conversion of the U-120M into negative machine H−, D−
  • employment of high effective beam extraction by means of the stripping method
  • project and realization of a new beam line


New internal PIG ion source with a cold cathode

Effective production both positive and negative ions,  material Mo
Optimisation: arc volume geometry, extraction slit dimensions, plasma gap width, gas flow, cathode heat transfer, cathode life time (~ 800hours), H− DC current 2.0 mA




Operation: ~ 200hours, gas: 3He2


Operation: ~ 800hours, gas: H2, D2


Upgrade of the cyclotron vacuum system


Parameters of the cyclotron vacuum system

H beam transmission for the different combination of diffusion pumps in operation


Stripping method of H/D extraction



New beam line



Position 2:


  • Targets for production of fast neutrons
  • Liquid target H218O, 18O(p,n)18F, PET studies
  • Gaseous target, production of 81Rb/81mKr generator
  • Gaseous target, production 123I
  • Solid state targets for production non-commercial radionuclides 124I, 86Y, 230U